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How to adopt children if you are:
1.   A prospective Thai adoptive family.
2.   A prospective international adoptive family in Thailand.
3.   A prospective international adoptive family abroad.

To adopt a child, interested Thai and international adoptive families in Thailand should:

  1.  Fill out a child adoption request form and submit it together with supporting documents.
  2.  Wait while the Foundation's social workers consider the application and the supporting documents. The Foundation will then call the prospective family for an interview to discuss their opinions and attitudes about adoption.
  3.  Expect a visit from the social workers, who will make sure that the family can provide the child with suitable living conditions.
  4.  Wait while the social workers prepare a report based on the application and supporting documents, the interview and home-visit to submit to the Foundation's Sub-committee for Adoption.
  5.  Wait to receive an adopted child who conforms as closely as possible to the family's specifications for age, sex, and complexion. In this matter, the best family is selected for a child, not vice versa.
  6.  Meet with the child and see if they agree to adopt him or her. When all the parties agree that a particular family will adopt a particular child, the child will be put in the adoptive family's foster care for two months so that the child can get accustomed to the family and to stimulate and promote the child's development. The social workers will pay regular visits to their home during this period while waiting for a six-month trial term to be approved by the Department of Public Welfare.
  7.  Take care of the child for six months after Department approval is givrn. The social workers will visit their home every other month to check on the child's living conditions. The social workers will consider how the adoptive family cares for the child and the relationship between the child and the family.
  8.  Register the child as their adopted child at Pathumwan District Office after the Sub-committee approves the adoption based on a report prepared by the social workers.

A prospective international adoptive family abroad should contact the Foundation through an international organization, either government or private, that offers legal adoption and is recognized by the government of their country. A child will be selected that matches their requests in terms of, for example, age, sex, and complexion. The social workers will send them the child's bio-data, photos, and medical history. If they agree to accept the child, after the submission of their documents and the trial period, they will have to go to the Foundation for an interview with the Department of Public Welfare Sub-committee. When the Sub-committee initially approves the adoption, the Foundation will send an authorized social worker to take the child to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have his or her passport issued. When the adoptive family takes the child back to their country, relevant adoption organizations will prepare reports on the trial home stay to submit to the social workers, who will in turn request the Department of Public Welfare's approval of the registration of adoption by the adoptive family. Once the approval is given, the adoptive family can have the child registered as their adopted child at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in the country.
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